We have a method for approaching your project, whether you are a new or long-standing client. This keeps your current pain front and center while enabling us to prescribe the best solution.

1. Discovery

Everything begins with Discovering your pain. We deep dive into your brand with probing questions. The answers provide insights leading to a comprehensive picture of what needs to be solved. Through this process, we both discover if we are a good fit for each other. If we really are not the provider for you, it is better to try and connect you with a more suitable outfit.

2. Due Diligence

Understanding your pain, we regroup to find the best solutions. Whether new and uncharted or tried and true, we present you with ourĀ  Due Diligence. This is another touch point to strengthen our understanding of your needs from the Discovery process, and are preparing to set your brand on the best route for your marketplace.

3. Design / Develop

This is where the magic happens. Through regular check-ins and status updates, you can rest assured your path is being charted. This gives us time to catch anything overlooked or going astray before getting lost in the woods.

4. Deploy / Dazzle

Upon reaching the end of the Design / Develop phase, we Deploy the solution. We inform the market of your new offering so they can be Dazzled by the new growth of your brand. Behind the scenes, we take care to ensure you know how to nurture this new endeavor so that it continues to flourish.

5. Data

Finally, we monitor your Data. We like to keep abreast of your growth and catch growing pains early. Should anything be detected, we can clear away the deadwood and make room for new growth based on the gathered information. This process protects your brand and keeps the competitors wondering how you do it.

Delegate and Diversify

These would be two other Ds. We Delegate tasks to our distributed team, each with their own strengths. This gives us the mobility to easily Diversify to bring in professionals with the best maps for the lay of the land. It allows our people to stay strong in their fields and not have to know everything about everything, so your solution is the best it can be.

Craig Coffman

Owner, octoberland

Craig Coffman Headshot

I am an online solution provider and designer. I craft tailored website, mobile, social and brand solutions. I work with you to grow and keep ahead inside your marketplace.

Prior to focusing on octoberland in 2006, I was the Creative Director of Web Services at Bozell (Omaha) after leaving my position as an Interactive Art Director with circle.com (San Francisco). My experience enables me to deliver a breadth of offerings, including HTML, CSS, jQuery, UI, UX, AI, Social Media strategy, branding and design for web or print. My passions are photography, typography, vinyl records, Silver Age comics, travel and commuting by bicycle.