Do Not Auto Populate Social Media Outlets

Do Not Auto-Populate Your Social Media Channels

You are a busy professional. It is hard to find time to carve out, but you know you need to be active on social media. Someone tells you a tip to save time: Let one network push the content to your other networks. Easy, right? Enter your message in one location and then every outlet gets fed. While this is true, you need to think about the nourishment those feeds are getting.

Myth: You only need to write a post and let it automatically post to all your social outlets.

Twitter is not Facebook is not Google+ is not… Despite all being pieces in the social media puzzle, you are doing your brand a disservice by not treating them as unique engagement opportunities. You would not write a television commercial and then print it as a magazine ad or a radio spot without some revisions. That would be ridiculous. You take the core message, but tailor it to the medium. Your social marketing needs the same care and attention.

Play to the Strengths

Each service your audience consumes has a particular language and set of restrictions. The pains to craft the perfect optimized tweet are not the same for your Facebook posts. Choosing one image for twitter is great, but perhaps an album on Google+ is more effective. If your audience does not mind reading, the length of your message on LinkedIn can be more detailed and focused than the 140 characters on twitter. Why let the limitations of a service effect all your efforts? Instead try to maximize the individual strengths.

Tip: Use a URL shortener such as to help track link clicks across all your social media posts.

Do You Speak @?

The @ will not get you connected to your targeted person Facebook but is crucial to twitter. If you are using your blog to create content for all your social avenues, your title would look strange if it were loaded with @ # +. Those symbols to not share inherent properties across platforms. Use them where they are intended because they should be important additions to your message, and you are underserving your audience by omitting them. Further, if you are not leveraging the proper vernacular you are missing out on extended reach to people not already aware of you.

Get Your Social Passport Out

One of the biggest things missing from using a single service to supply all your audience is engagement. If you are not watching your specific feeds, you run the danger of missing comments and questions. More importantly, you miss the chance to interact with people not already in your tribe. Posts that you are qualified to respond to or re-post to your own stream help establish your credibility. Not to mention they might bring in new eyeballs to your content. Remember, ‘social’ is a key component of social media.

Mistake: One headline fits on all.

I understand that there is a problem with having to login to every service when you want to distribute your content. There are solutions for that. Hootsuite is a good home base as it does allow you to post to several different social media services. But this is not a simple solution for all your needs. You still need to alter your message appropriately, but it will cut down login fatigue. An important feature is you can also see other aspects of your channel such as your timeline, direct messages, retweets, etc.

Do not confuse this with allowing your content management system (CMS) to publish to all outlets. They are quite different. They typically do not have the level of control something like Hootsuite can provide. You may reduce the need to always be logging in, but your message will not be targeted.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Your Message

There are many wonderful venues to display your content, but they each have their own quirks and requirements. Make sure you are aware of what to do for each, and do not let the allure a blanket approach sway your resolve. Keep your message’s core and modify to the audience it is serving. Respecting that will start to build a good brand and a loyal following.

How do you go about serving your social media streams now? Drop us a line and share your approach.

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