Keep Fresh with New Voices

Keep Fresh with New Voices from Your Social Sphere

Sometimes you need a different perspective. This could be anything from a new design, wording on a branding piece or even just a new way to discover potential clients. At the same time, our world is getting ever more connected as we actively try to increase our social marketplace. While it seems obvious, why not reach out to tap some new blood?

MYTH: Social networking is just a numbers game.

People like to share. Especially if they are scouring the social marketing arena. While you are trying to capture new connections and interactions, do not forget this is more than numbers. These are people, and for some reason they wanted to be a part of your online world. Make them feel welcome and important by inviting them to be a part of your life and business.

Most of the time, we fall into ruts and continue to take the same path to solve our problems. Typically, this means hitting the same resources for solutions. We know that a certain blog or magazine will have answers to design issues. Or that a friend is very good with words and normally untangles our thoughts. These are terrific outlets, but I suspect you are sitting on a wealth of new ideas.

Keep moving forward and evolving

If you find that you know what to expect from a resource and you continue to get what you expect, you might want to break that mold. Do not drop a person. It is hard to foster solid and dependable folks to lend their shoulders, keep that alive. Instead, foster new engagements and allow their strengths to breathe new life into your approach.

PRO TIP: Diversify. Use different networks for their specific strengths.

A different voice carries, well, a different voice

The materials you produce and consume start to have their own scent. A unique fingerprint that people begin to associate as your style and presence. If you are not pushing that out into new avenues, it runs the danger of becoming a drone and not a fresh beat. Think of it like music. Do you want to be the metronome or a jazz band? Even if you are not a jazz fan, more often than not they are willing to throw a curve ball into the mix to keep the listener engaged and active.

Cross-pollinate and grow something new

Sticking with jazz for a moment more, often times live performances spawn something completely new as the musicians allow themselves and each other to explore. This will take a song from a standard to an improvised moment unlike anything that has come before. While this does not always work out, it does give a standard classic song new life. And new interest. Mingling with people you do not typically talk with brings the same energy and spark to your existing workflow.

ROOKIE MISTAKE: Remember, it is a two way street. You need to be willing to offer back to those giving their time to you.

With so much potential and available resources in our social sphere, it is a shame to not leverage it? New connections open up to new experiences. These people are professionals in their fields, and likely have experiences and insights to share. A new angle is often times precisely what you need to turn a corner in your business. Let these connects help you round that bend.

Do you tap a specific social network for ideas? Are you even paying attention to the social realms? Drop us a line and share your experiences.