octoberland Makes the Move to WordPress

Well, it has been some time in the coming, but I have finally decided to transition to WordPress. After years of moving clients to it, I figured I should be there as well. Now, for all you Joomla users out there fear not. I do still love that CMS and have not left it in the dust. For octoberland, though, I did not need the full features Joomla offers as I am not really needing content management. I need a place to post updates on occasion and write a few random blogs. For this, and admittedly more, WordPress made more sense.

From a business point-of-view as well. Now, I will be able to show clients both back ends without fear of messing up someone else’s site. Further, this new site has been built out with responsive web design in mind. I think this is a valuable approach to leverage and now my own site can serve as an example to my clients. The proof is always in the pudding.

If you would like to read something about this, please check out the book Responsive Web Design by Ethan Marcotte on the A Book Apart web site.

Please excuse the mess as the transition is made. As you might recall, I prefer to have my site updated and transmogrified in the public eye. I try to demystify the web world for people, so it only makes sense that octoberland is rebuilt, flaws and successes all, in the full light of day. Thanks for your patience and understanding through this. I wholeheartedly believe the ends will justify the means.

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