Remove Yellow Background From IE Form Fields

I pulled a few articles from the archives of my old site. Seems like I am unable to get Joomla to work in a different folder from the original install, so I think those older versions of my site will need to come offline. This, though, is a simple trick and I think it still can help out people fighting with .css cross-browser issues. I added it to my boilerplate .css and have not looked back since.

Are you tired of having your forms appear with colored background when you know you did not code it? Wonder why it is only in IE? Well, as many of you already know, the Google bar in the IE browser has an option to auto complete form fields. While this is definitely a handy thing, it is probably not how you pain stakingly designed the page. As well, it does not even do it to all of the fields so the style is not even consistent. Good news, there is a fix!

Since it is not always a reality that your visitors will know to go up and disable the functionality of the Google toolbar, CSS will have to save the day. Here is all you need to add to your style sheet:

input { background-color: white ! important}

Viola! Now your page appears as desired. Thanks to html dog for posting the solution.

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