Social Marketing and the Copywriter 2.0

The wilds of Social Media are evolving again. This time, the tools are expanding in a way which should also include some future proofing. This new tool set is not a fly-by-night hot buzzword technology. It is, instead, the very engine of every social media campaign that has any chance of running the entire marathon and not cramping at the sixth mile. The tool set is you, provided you are a content developer.

Most social media efforts lose, or are never started, because of content. We all know the refrain “Content is King” and now we are seeing the return of that. Along with it comes the rise of a new creative class: the copywriter. In this world of messaging keeping us ever more engrossed, it ought to be obvious that words rule. They inspire, soothe, agitate and entertain our audience. They are the traps used to ensnare a visitor. They make people want to find out more and remain on sites, follow our idea streams or even simply buy our products.

Enter your new best friend: the copywriter. Now, granted, if it is just your personal account this is not absolutely necessary. You can tweet about the new fluffy five-toed socks you bought. You can upload a picture of the perfect omelet you cooked. All that is great. It is important to your friends and yourself. Now let’s look at your business.

Your business is a living, breathing entity as well. It has a story. A personality. All the same social traits a persona has, but these commodities are needing to be capitalized upon, packaged and sold to the public. You can write that message, but a copywriter can help. Your new social marketing campaign will absolutely need one if you want to have a shot at making it work out.

Your business requires someone to take the press release you have coming up about a new event you are hosting. That press release becomes the fodder for the next few weeks of your social marketing strategy. You need someone to look at what is written and find ways to draw it out and make it interesting to your audience for the next few weeks. This is only the beginning.

Your site needs to evolve. Whether you use a content management system (CMS) or a flat file site, you need to have the content updated. If you have a great clutch of information to send out. That is awesome. Images, articles, forms and games are ready to go and engage your audience. Wonderful! Zero new happening on your site, how long will that keep people interested and coming back? One month? Three months? Six months? Then they are gone. Nothing new on the site and therefore no reason to be a returning visitor. I am guilty of this with my own site.

After all, with all those glorious assets so meticulously crafted and culled from various archives you have gained nothing if you are not driving people back to your home base. Your site. This is where the copywriter helps out. Not only creating the content, but also pushing it to your site.

You can do this, sure. But you have the company to run. This is not what you want to do every week with every piece of data your company is planning on releasing. Further, what do you do when you do not have something planned? You need to keep your schedule consistent. We know that is key to brand messaging. That is why you have the copywriter.

in this scenario our new, dearly beloved copywriter has to evolve as well. A Copywriter 2.0. This is the new tool set mentioned way back in the beginning. The Copywriter needs to have basic skills in design and code. Not deep and full understanding, but they need to be able to resize images and embed video. Heck, even some basic html tag and cascading style sheet knowledge is wonderful. Above all else, they need to become intimately familiar with all the social networking tools. Without these additional skills, the present day copywriter will not be of much use in the workforce over the next three years.

Sorry. It is true. Just like designers are now not interesting if they do not have some skill in coding. The reverse of that holds true as well. There will always be a place for the pinch hitters, of course. Those niche riders that can code the perfect loop, align the last pixel or cross the Pulitzer winning ‘T.’ However, there will be daily work for those with a wider skill base. And the biggest skill in the forward moving world wide web is copywriting for social marketing. If you possess the above mentioned skills, you will be sought after and hired.

Because at the end of it all, we are all commodities being marketed.

Before anyone cries “Hypocrite!” because I wrote this, and not a copywriter, I wish to point out that this is not a campaign. This is an editorial. It is based off observations and thoughts I and Joe Craig (twitter @joe_craig) have been developing for the past three and a half years (2008) as we traverse the wilderness of the ever evolving web.

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