Social Marketing: The Evolution of Social Media

Companies: Stop treating social networks as interesting bobbles. The shine is wearing off and the gritty underbelly of usefulness is apparent. The metamorphosis is nearly complete and you need to be ready for it. It is no longer social media. The new form it is taking though is much more powerful and deserving of your full attention. Behold the coming of Social Marketing.

Yes, technically it is media. However, gone are the days where it was something to do at meetings and around the coffee maker. Your professional accounts, your business accounts, absolutely must begin approaching this with the seriousness of any other marketing efforts you would undertake. You are being seen. You are being tracked. A body of work is being collected and it will reflect upon you. Treat it with reverence and not a disposable fascination. It will change from what we use today, but the end goal will not waiver: it is a marketing tool plain and simple.

The problem is not enough people ever grasped and utilize this within their organization. They think they can write their own copy. That there is no need to have someone else pound out tweets and updates. The fact is nothing could be further from the truth. We need to stop looking at this as social media and instead embrace it as social marketing. That is truly what we are hoping to achieve, after all.

Make it part of your business model. Give it a line item in your budget. The reach and potential impact are far surpassing other avenues we have used historically. And please have it make sense with your web presence. They should work harmoniously. Your status in the growing global marketplace will certainly depend on it.

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