Thanks for the Kind Words

I just found out I was mentioned after getting into a <ahem>discussion</ahem> in the comments section of the post entitled “Marketing’s New Fundamentalists” on The Ad Contrarian. As an interesting point, before going on, I revisited the site to obtain links (always good to give credit where due) and discovered my comment missing. I do have comments still showing, but not the one Kevin Green, from Green Matter, was patient and gracious enough to not only read my lengthy view but to then go on and mention it in his post “Marketing is Dead: A Trip Down the Rabbit Hole“. However, it was a basis for me to go on and begin formulating a post about Influentials and their role in our life. Keep you eyes out for that.

Returning to Mr. Green’s blog, I would recommend any of you looking at this and with an interest in the current state of marketing and the online social strata please check out some of the links he has posted. I liked, in particular, “The Anatomy of a Movement” by David Armano.


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